The cry of the immigrant / Το κλάμα του μετανάστη

‎”The Cry of the Immigrant”
is a landmark song of the Greek music tradition of South Italy. The language of the lyrics is known as “Griko”, mostly spoken in villages of Grecìa Salentina and Sicily, is a special mixed dialect comprised of Italian and Greek.
Performed by Martha Frintzila, live at the Athens Music Hall.

(partial lyrics, from 3rd verse on…
the narrator is talking to a swallow)

“I’ve been asking you about my mother
The most beloved
Who is expecting me back for so long,
As long as it’s been since she has seen me

I’ve been asking you about my father
And for the whole of the neighborhood
If only you could speak,
How much you would have told me!

I sit before the sea,
I look at you,
You just go up, then down
And just touch upon the water

But you are not giving me any answers
To the things I’m asking you of.
You just go up, then down
And just touch upon the water.”

RootsWorld : Greek Music in Southern Italy

To klama tou Emigrantou

Oria mou rodinedda
plea talassa s’agouaai
che apou ‘rtese ke stazi
m’ uton kalon tziero

Vasta to peton aspro
mavre vasta tes alle
stavri kulor di mare
me ti e kuda lio noiti

Arotisa ti mana mu
tin pleon agapimeni
exi toso ka me meni
puru nahi na me dhi

Arotisa ton tsiuri mu
s’ olin tin getonia
che an ihen omilia
posa ihe na mu pi

Kaimenon bros ti talassa
evo se kanonno
lion gerni, lion kalehi
lion eggizi to nero

Ma su tipo mu lei
gia posa se roto
lion gerni, lion kalehi
lion eggizi to nero

Το κλάμα του μετανάστη
μουσική παραδοσιακή άπο τη νότια Ιταλία
στο διάλεκτο ειδικό, ιταλικό-ελληνικό
τραγουδάει η Μάρθα Φριντζίλα

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