Avaton / Άβατον

AVATON Aloessa
Anastasia Eden (vocal)
Ioannis Papadakis (instruments a corda, acoustic and electric guitar)
Antonis Papadakis (bass)
Antonis Palaskas (tastiere)
Vassilis Divolis (percussions programming, bendir, tarambuka)
Anastasis Gouliaris (percussions)14.08.2001.(Third Ear)-The album “Unforeseen As It Was”, a landmark for Avaton, doesn’t deal only with the presentation of musical compositions based on the lyric of ancient Greek literature. The way the lyric is approached, as a means of expression not only for its literary connotation but also for its acoustic value, is of equal importance to the group.
Without any intention to reconstruct or to scientifically approach the ancient Greek ways, the musicians listened, studied and came closer to this sensitive lyrical environment, and presented it to us the way they felt it ought to be.
Avaton’s course in Greece as well as abroad is significant, beginning with their performance in the Athens Concert Hall, as well their appearance in the Italian Festival of Alternative Music and Contemporary Musical Trends, TIME ZONES, in October 1997, and the International SFINX Festival in Belgium, in the summer of 1998.
In Greece, simultaneously with the group’s tour, their participation in the performance “Angel Wings” at the Ancient Theatre of Delphi was very impressive and welcomed by the critics.
In the summer of 1999 they wrote the musical scores for the theatrical performance “Andromache” by Euripides. The production toured Greece and was performed at the Herodio Theatre on the slopes of the Acropolis. In November of the same year, they composed the music and were actively involved in the musical “Adam and Halima” that was performed at the National Lyrical Theatre.
In 2001 they released their fourth album, “Kosmon”, featuring renowned Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas, under the label of E—TERRA MUSIC PRODUCTIONS.
ΑΒΑΤΟΝ Αλόεσσα

GAIA- Earth
A poem of the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus, which is set to music written by Panagiotis Xidias and Aristomenis Tsolakis. The group Avaton is singing.
Πρόκειται για μελοποιημένο ποίημα του Αρχαίου Έλληνα φιλοσόφου Επίκουρου. Τη μουσική έγραψαν ο Παναγιώτης Ξυδιάς και ο Αριστομένης Τσολάκης. Ερμηνεύει το συγκρότημα Άβατον.

Composed by Xidias & Tsolakis
featuring the vocals of Natacha Atlas
From the album ”KOSMON”

Ouk ethelo ploutein
the words (sung in the original ancient Greek) mean:”Neither do I desire to become wealthy, nor do I wish it
But to be able to live with little
Without partaking of the calamities of life…”
άβατον – εξ αδοκήτω “Ουκ εθέλω πλουτείν ουκ εθέλω πλουτείν,ουκ εύχομαι
αλλά μοι αλλά μοι είη αλλά μοι αλλά μοι είη ζην
εκ των ολίγων μηδέν εκ των ολίγων μηδέν έχοντα κακόν”"Να γίνω πλούσιος, δεν το επιθυμώ, ούτε το εύχομαι
μα να μπορούσα να ζω με λίγα
χωρίς στις συμφορές του βίου να μετέχω.”

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