Yeiamas paidia! Welcome, friends of Greece!

Welcome, friends!Καλώς ήρθατε! We are so glad for your visit!

We dedicate our efforts to the support and continuing vitality of Hellenic culture, which has been a beacon in the history of humankind. We hope that the expression of our love for Greece will be contagious, leading concerned citizens of the world to take actions to prove themselves as generous to Greece as she has been to the world.

We aim to inform about current issues by offering glimpses into history, introducing key figures of genius in literature, philosophy, art and music, national heroes and spiritual guides who continue to bring light to humanity.

This website is growing constantly through the contributions of our group members. As a true “Love Song for Greece,” our aim is to share the brilliance, beauty and diversity of Hellenic culture, from ancient through modern times. I supply translations where I am able to find them, and in many cases create my own new, original translations.

Please enjoy the various offerings in the above categories, which are continually expanding: National Heroes, Literature, Music, Visual Arts, Theater & Film, Folk Traditions and Projects & Resources. We hope that you will be inspired to learn more about these historical and contemporary individuals, events, traditions and organizations, and to enrich your own life while contributing to the revitalization of this great country.

maenad dreaming on lion skin

ancient dreamer

About how this project began:
My name is Eva Johanos, or, in Greek, Έυα Χατζηιωάννου. I am a teacher, an artist, a musician, writer and translator. As an American with Greek ancestry I have benefited from years of work and study in Greece, intense friendships and life-changing exposure to the depth, pathos and beauty of the Greek culture and people. From my present home in the United States, I have been deeply troubled by the simplistic, humiliating stereotypes used to explain away or justify the inhuman “austerities” being prepared for these proud, sensitive and naturally generous people, true lovers of freedom. It is very painful to think of schools and university departments closing, young people being forced to leave, once again, for survival, and the elders in want.

In 2012, following the developments of the “crisis” which set portions of Athens ablaze, I was reunited- under the auspices of Facebook- with an old friend I had been wondering about: a former English student who had continued in her studies to an important legal career. Together we decided to launch a group on Facebook to celebrate and support both the body and spirit of Greece, which has been and continues to be essential in defining some of the highest ideals of humanity.

To help with this project and share your suggestions and insights, please join our group on Facebook.

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2 Responses to Yeiamas paidia! Welcome, friends of Greece!

  1. Grazyna Stasinska says:

    Thank you very much for this marvellous website !

    I would have a plea, though: It is very difficult for me to read the greek text of the songs, because of the dark blue colour. And so I am missing a lot from your site. Could you change the colour to a MUCH lighter one? or another colour like yellow?

    I hope it is not too much work for you. I am sure many people will be grateful!

    Best wishes


    • eva says:

      Greetings, Grazyna, and best wishes for your health and happiness!

      Thank you for this suggestion. Unfortunately, I was greatly helped in the beginning of this website’s development, and I am not very fluent in that sort of thing. I promise you that if I am able to get some support in developing this project further, I will DEFINITELY look into this.

      For now, I know that if you hover over the names with your mouse they light up (for example, when searching for the names of particular artists.)

      I hope this helps, and thank you for your interest in our site!


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